10 Basic New Year Resolutions

Now I really don’t think I’m in a current state of mind to be giving anybody some type of advice! The new year is here and theres a lot of resolutions floating about on the internet and we are all made to sit and think about our own.

Mine is all set and ready in place – follow my progression with #readingmywayoutofme – yet still I feel like I need something else to keep me going. Fitness goals are too common and rarely stuck to, plus I already have a strict workout routine, and i suppose I’m still at that stage in my life and self where i don’t know who i want to be or what i wan’t to become just yet.

So I’m left to look at the basics. Here is what I’ve come up with;

  • Meditate – I don’t mean chanting ‘Om’ like I thought it meant when I was first told to meditate! Breathing exercises, mind control and understanding your thoughts more clearly. I’m only into day two of practicing medication every morning and I already feel a benefit. Even if i did feel like a complete numpty the first time! I recommend headspace for first timers.
  • Smile – For 2 minutes in the mirror. Again, I felt like a numpty. However, reading all these ‘scientific facts’ floating around on my Facebook news feed saying that, even if you fake smiling it makes you feel good. Well, I did feel better, my day went well, and despite having to wake up at 2am to go to work, I actually felt alert and ready!
  • Stretch – Goes without saying. Do it a lot. Do it often. Look up Kelly Starrett on YouTube to get specifics stretches for problem areas.
  • Move – A run a skip a jump. You hear it over and over, join a gym running club, anything. Push ups in the bedroom, squats in the kitchen. Anything, just move for your body.
  • Make a to do list – Even if you only tick off one thing by the end of the day. The feeling of accomplishment feels great!
  • Learn – Discover a new fact that you find interesting every day and tell someone about it! Best way to do this is on Facebook. But you can share over email, twitter, or text.
  • Wish – Upon a star, a candle, anything. Make a wish every day. Doesn’t have to be life changing, but putting time something you desire. Even if its just wishing for it, is a step forward into getting it.
  • Be Kind – To everybody. Even if you don’t want to, be kind.

Day to day thats what I intend to practice. All year round, not just for January! Lets see if it makes a difference.

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